Calluses and corns are a result of your body protecting itself against friction and pressure. This results in a thickening of the skin on the feet especially on the tops of contracted toes. Typically treatment is sought if there is associated pain with shoe wear or ambulation. You may have a corn if you begin to notice a raised bump of hardened skin. Corns are often times smaller than calluses and tend to have a hard center that is sometimes inflamed. They are usually found on non-weighting bearing areas like the tops, sides and in between toes. Sometimes they are found on the bottom of the feet and are very painful when pressed or squeezed. Calluses on the other hand are much larger in size and are caused by friction on the bottom of the heels or ball of the feet. They are rarely painful and can vary in shape and size. Wearing ill-fitting shoes may cause irritation from a seam or stitch inside your footwear. If your shoes are too loose or tight, this may lead to a similar situation. Not wearing socks with shoes or sandals can be problematic as well. Bunions and hammertoes are may increase your risk of developing both calluses and corns. You can help resolve them by using protective pads, wearing properly fitting shoes and seeking care at Dr. Frenchman’s office.