Flat feet otherwise known as Pes Plano Valgus is when the arches on one or both feet become flattened. This causes the soles of both feet to contact the ground and sometimes it can become painful. This can also lead to ankle and knee problems since the alignment of the lower legs become altered. Typically flat feet do not cause much pain, but sometimes the arch and heel become aching in nature. This can worsen with activity and exercise. You may experience swelling on the inner or outer aspect of the ankles. Your arches may fall over time from the tendons becoming fatigued and they are no longer able to support your body weight properly. You may have an inability to rise up onto your toes from a standing position. An x-ray may be ordered or even an MRI to further evaluate the boney and tendinous structures of the foot and ankle to further assist in the appropriate diagnosis. Wearing appropriate footwear for daily activities will help reduce your discomfort and decrease fatigue while walking. Custom molded orthotics (arch supports) can help recreate and support the deformity from causing further damage. Contact Dr. Frenchman and his friendly staff today to schedule an appointment to get the spring back into your step.