A Morton’s neuroma is a condition where the nerve in the ball of your feet between the toes becomes thickened or swollen. Shoe gear that is too tight or narrow can cause the pain to intensify. Typically, you may experience a burning or sharp pain that gets worse as you walk. It may feel like you are walking on a small pebble or there is a lump in your foot. It is commonly found between the 3rd and 4th toes but may occur between others as well. A morton’s neuroma is usually found upon physical examination of the painful foot by squeezing the toes together or pressing on the bottom of the foot in the area of discomfort. Your podiatrist may also order an x-ray to further evaluate this condition to make sure that nothing else may be causing your symptoms. A wide variety of treatment options are available to treat this painful condition affecting the nerves in your feet. In some cases a steroid shot may need to be administered to stop and try to prevent the pain and inflammation.